Flyer for RCGP e-learning module

In 2014, LDA worked with the Royal College of General Practitioners to produce an on-line training module for GPs. This is available on the RCGP website and attracts 0.5 CPD points. It is currently available free to all health professionals.

To help spread awareness, please consider printing either one or both pages of our flyer describing this course and drop it into to any minor injury unit or GP Practice: wherever you think there is a doctor, nurse, physiotherapist etc who would benefit. Pharmacies, too, as they are often consulted about “funny rashes”.

You will note that it has pictures of two different versions of the rash – just seeing this should catch a GP’s attention!

If you manage to do it, please email us at

with the name of the Practice/Centre/Pharmacy etc and (if you can) the postcode. We’ll add it to the map below. 

This is your opportunity to spread awareness!

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