Bitten by
a Tick?

Awareness and Advancement

Two examples of what we are doing to improve Lyme disease prevention and services in the UK.

We attended the Arboricultural Association 3 day conference in September talking to people engaged with forestry and tree work. From our exhibition stand we distributed more than 600 leaflets and 200 posters. These went to individuals and also to companies for their notice boards. We were able to help several people with individual Lyme disease queries and educated many about ticks. See the photos, and read the summary.

This cost us about £600

In late September we are attending the International Symposium on Tick-borne Pathogens and Disease in Vienna. This enables us to keep ahead by hearing about breaking science from researchers and also to network with those working in these fields. From die-hard clinicians to leading edge diagnostic scientists Рwe shall talk to them and bring that information back to the UK where we shall use it to improve knowledge and services.

This will cost us about £1800

We can only undertake these activities because of our fundraisers and your donations. So please think of sponsoring someone Рthere are several events currently running. Sponsoring a fundraiser for just £5 will allow us to send 70 leaflets to an outdoor activity centre for example. That could ensure someone knows what a tick is like or recognises their rash and gets prompt treatment.

The Lyme rash

The rash is red, roughly circular and spreading outwards.

It is called erythema migrans (EM): erythema for red and migrans for spreading.

It may clear in the middle as it gets bigger. It is not normally itchy, hot or scaly.

See our rashes page for other images.

To help your doctor to take the possibility of Lyme disease seriously, see our page Resources / For the public. This has information expelling some myths and also links to official documents that will help.

What we do

We are a charity dealing with Lyme disease throughout the UK. We provide accredited information that you can trust; for the public, patients and health professionals. Find out the facts here on

We raise awareness, provide free leaflets and lobby for improved services. See what we have been doing recently. We hold an annual conference. See the LDA conferences page for details of our next conference in Devon in September 2018.