Bitten by
a Tick?
Lyme Disease?

What does the rash look like?

The rash is red, roughly circular and spreading outwards. It is called erythema migrans (EM): erythema for red and migrans for spreading.   It may clear in the middle as it gets bigger. It is not normally itchy, hot or scaly. See our rashes page for other images.

LDA Conference 2015

Saturday September 12th 2015

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The annual LDA conference is an opportunity for medical professionals and patients/carers alike to hear about the latest research from the UK and Europe from a variety of highly-knowledgeable speakers, to compare notes with peer groups on Lyme disease and to learn more about this complex disease in a friendly environment.

The theme for the 2015 conference will be treatment of Lyme Disease. The programme will include a substantial interactive discussion with the panel of speakers.

Overnight accommodation is limited, we only have a few rooms left.

Further detail, booking instructions and travel directions are available here

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What we do

Lyme Disease Action exists to address the current lack of awareness of Lyme disease.  Emails to our Patient Support email address shows that awareness of Lyme disease is low amongst clinicians in the UK as well as the public at large. See what we have been doing recently.

Our activity is focussed on

  • producing resources for people to use and to pass on;
  • stimulating the increase and spread of knowledge about Lyme disease and tick borne diseases generally.

Our well researched leaflets and posters can all be downloaded free of charge and we can provide larger quantities of printed leaflets on request.

Past LDA Conferences have provided an educational opportunity for clinicians and a resource for patients and carers. See the LDA conferences page for details of our next conference.

LDA is also attending medical conferences and exhibitions as an opportunity to take information directly to doctors.

Our quarterly newsletters keep everyone informed of what is happening.