Check out the pictures of ticks on this website

Tick images on other websites

UK Tick Surveillance Scheme – Information on how to collect ticks and send them for identification and mapping. At the bottom of the page is a link to images and descriptions of British ticks and exotic ticks.

Resources for schools on the TES website. Tricky Ticks is a set of three Key Stage 1 and 2 lesson plans for children and teachers to become ‘tick aware’.

University of Bristol tick identification – Images and important points to help researchers and vets identify ticks of veterinary importance.

Dartmoor tick watch – Images of ticks collected on Dartmoor. This site also includes high resolution images that show the detail of tick mouthparts. The creator of this site has now retired but has left the material available.

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control – Infographic on ticks in Europe: Small bites, big problems.  Also a detailed Factsheet for Experts on Ixodes ricinus.

Lyme Borreliosis Foundation Hungary where there is a brilliant animation of how NOT to remove a tick!