Why do I need to register with LDA ?

Registering your Standing Order online allows the charity to be run efficiently. By giving us your name and address online, we do not need to spend man power processing your form. Also, by sending it directly to your bank, the process is a lot quicker.

Why use a standing order ?

This is the most cost efficient way for a charity to accept donations. Other charities accept payments online, but fail to tell you how much of your donation is going to the bank. By using a Standing Order all of the money comes to us.

Do I have to register my Standing Order online ?

No, we do accept Standing Orders by post.
In this case please remember to send the SO to Lyme Disease Action, and NOT to your bank, as we will need to process the form.
Blank standing order with gift aid
Blank standing order no gift aid.

What is Gift Aid ?

If you pay tax in the UK, then Gift Aid is a simple way to increase the value of your gift to a charity. Making your donation using Gift Aid will enable the charity to reclaim the basic rate tax on your gift to them. This means that if you give £10 to charity using Gift Aid that gift is worth £12.50 to the charity. More details

Can I run a sponsored event ?

Yes. If you decide you would like to raise some money for the LDA through a sponsored event, you can set up your own page on our fundraising platform. You can then give the link to your friends and family, and they make donations through that page. Contact us for details.

If you would like to raise sponsorship money for LDA please contact us via our fundraising email address.

Why do we want donations ?

Asking for donations allows us to reclaim the tax on your contribution, so it is worth more. We use your contributions to support all our work, including our literature which is available free of charge online.