How to find a trial

The World Health Organisation maintains an on-line International Clinical Trials Registry Platform on which clinical trials are registered. The register allows for an internationally agreed set of criteria about clinical trials to be maintained. Clinical trials are those research studies investigating the effect of a health-related intervention – usually a treatment.

Details of trials investigating interventions in Lyme disease, both in progress and completed, can be viewed via the search portal by entering “Lyme disease” in the search box. You will then be able to click on a link for any trial and find out further information.

Many of the trials have a link to ClinicalTrials.GOV under the US National Library of Medicine where there is further information, often much easier to read.

Recently registered trials

The following is a list of trials registered since March 2019. Entering the Trial ID into a web search engine will bring you more detail of the trial.

NL9258 Ticking on Pandora’s Box: a prospective case-control study into “other” tick-borne diseases

NCT04719962 Diagnosis of Disseminated Lyme Borreliosis by Targeted Proteomics

NCT04653558 Clinical Manifestations and Long-Term Outcome in Early Lyme Neuroborreliosis According to Diagnostic Certainty

NCT04577053 Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy With Square Wave Forms and Artificial Intelligence Within the Software Interface for Individualised, Bespoke Bio-Electromagnetic Therapy to Treat Symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease Remaining After Antibiotics Treatment

NCT04422314 ImmuneSense Lyme Study

NCT04402086 Rheumatology Patient Registry and Biorepository

NCT04349605 Meditation and Yoga for Patients With Persistent Symptoms After Lyme Disease

NCT04318925 Evaluation and Follow-up of Patients With Tick-borne Diseases

NL8224 PLEASE5+ – Long-term outcomes and quality of life of patients with symptoms attributed to Lyme borreliosis

NCT04148222 A Non-Interventional Pilot Study to Explore the Role of Gut Flora in Lyme Disease

NCT04141969 A Novel Nutraceutical to Combat Post-Lyme Disease Syndrome

NCT04078841 Using ReaLife+ to Treat Post-Lyme Disease Syndrome

NCT04038346 Symptomatic Management of Lyme Arthritis

NCT03981874 Comparative Study of Peripheral Facial Paralysis Sequelae Based on the Initial Medical Care of Lyme Disease Among Children

NCT03980015 Inflammatory Responses in Borrelia Afzelii Culture Positive Patients With Early Disseminated or Early Localized Lyme Borreliosis

NCT03970733 Alternative Schedule Study For VLA15, A Multivalent Recombinant OspA (Outer Surface Protein A) Based Vaccine Candidate Against Lyme Borreliosis, In Healthy Adults Aged 18 To 65 Years – A Randomized, Controlled, Observer-Blind Phase 2 Study

NCT03963635 Novel Diagnostics for Early Lyme Disease

NCT03958058 Tick-Borne Encephalitis Virus and Lyme Borreliae Causing Coillness, Coinfection, or Just Coincidence. A Prospective Observational Study

NL7732 Validation of Cellular Tests for Lyme borreliosis

EUCTR2018-003379-37-BE  immunogenicity and safety study of VLA15, a multivalent recombinant OSPA based vaccine candidate against Lyme borreliosis, in healthy adults aged 18 to 65 years – a randomized, controlled, observer-blind phase 2 study.