The Standard of our Information

Whoever you are – patient, carer, health professional or member of the public – you need to be able to trust health information.

LDA is currently (2020/21) in the process of moving from the Information Standard to the PIF Tick.

Introduced by NHS England, The Information Standard is a certification programme to ensure that member organisations produce health information to a set of best practice principles using only recognised evidence sources. Where there is uncertainty, we say so.

TIS Logo

LDA achieved certification in 2011 and has undergone an annual re-assessment. By meeting this standard we demonstrate that

  • we haveĀ appropriate and documented information management
  • we use adequate systems and methods for producing information;
  • we have clear aims about the information we provide;
  • we understand and meet the needs of our audiences;
  • we make correct use of sources of evidence;
  • we make any conflicts of interest clear;
  • we have effective planning and management skills and resources;
  • we have internal monitoring procedures and will amend any information not meeting the standard.

All website pages and leaflets bearing The Information Standard logo are regularly reviewed, generally on a 3 year cycle, sometimes more frequently.

The assessment and certification scheme closed at the end of July 2019. Certified organisations continue to use the logo for all products reviewed prior to then until their next review, or July 2022 whichever is sooner.

LDA holds responsibility for the accuracy of information it publishes and The Information Scheme Operator and Scheme Owner have no responsibility for any consequences arising from inaccuracy of information or omissions in information published on this website.