The 11th conference was held at the University of Cumbria at Carlisle on July 21st 2012

Programme and speakers

The laboratory diagnosis of Lyme disease by Gordon Dimmock, EUROIMMUN UK. This presentation included information on testing which pertained in July 2012. For details of current EuroImmun technology see the EuroImmun website.

The neuropsychiatry of Lyme disease by Sandra Pearson, Medical Director LDA

Living well despite chronic physical health difficulties: an introduction to solution focused approaches by Becky Simm, Southport and Ormskirk NHS Trust

Not NICE by nifty and thrifty? by Robin Harbour, Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Understanding & managing the infection risk by Ted Wilson, University of Sheffield

The discovery of a family of transmembrane proteins with Factor-H binding activity in Borrelia by Richard Bingham, University of Huddersfield