The 15th LDA Conference was held on Saturday 17th September 2016 at Murray-Edwards College, University of Cambridge

The theme for the day was Moving Forward. The full programme, with speakers’ biographies and the presentations, are available for download.


Stella Huyshe-Shires, Chairman, LDA

Conference introduction

Norma O’Flynn, National Guideline Centre

How NICE develops guidelines

Jeremy Rowe and the Thomas Hardye School team

Investigating Borrelia distribution in Dorset

Sandra Pearson, Medical Director, LDA

The issue of persistence?

Monica Embers, Tulane National Primate Research Center, USA

The challenges of diagnosing and curing Lyme disease

Jinyu Shan, University of Leicester

Bacteriophages in diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease

Gillian Baker, Exeter Clinical Research Facility

Exeter 10,000

Knut Eirik Eliassen, University of Oslo

Incidence and antibiotic treatment of Lyme disease