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If you have been to a WI, Rotary or U3A meeting in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and surrounding counties you may well have heard a talk by Rosemary Prosser.

Rosemary Prosser

Described as “a born speaker and entertainer”, she has talked on a number of subjects. She draws on life as a farmer’s wife whilst living in Cornwall and 10 years working in the police force. Her many stories and anecdotes are of farming, police tales and people, all delivered with great humour.

You can tell by the reports in local newspapers what a superb job she does.

At the end of each talk she mentions Lyme disease, drawing on her family’s experience, and she has a pile of LDA awareness leaflets beside her which people take away for information.

Rosemary has been doing this for over 10 years, during which we have shipped 2-3,000 leaflets a year to her.

Her efforts have undoubtedly saved many people from Lyme disease, by raising awareness of ticks and she has also enabled some to get a diagnosis following the “funny rash” they were able to recognise.

Rosemary is now retiring from this speaker circuit and LDA would like to put on public record our huge gratitude and appreciation of her committed efforts over the years.

Spotlight project

This project, under the Royal College of General Practitioners, ran for just over a year and has achieved its major objectives.

Four workshops for GPs – Birmingham, Bristol, Oxford and Cambridge – have been very well attended and resulted in several hundred enlightened GPs.

The on-line toolkit, hosted by the Royal College of General Practitioners is now live and available to everyone.

Read more about the Spotlight Project.

Nearly 80% of the funding of this project came from LDA, the remainder from the ILADS Educational Fund. As you can see, we and our fundraisers nearly hit our overall target – the balance came from our reserves.

We hope this will make it much easier for GPs to find the information they need on this complex disease.

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