Bitten by
a Tick?

LDA Conference 2018

Great conference at the University of Exeter, on Saturday September 1st.

Thank you to all who came and participated – speakers and delegates alike.

In particular we found the last session – Question Time – very useful and were sorry we had to draw it to a close to finish the conference. Questions were still coming, and debate was running, at 5.30 – after an hour of discussion.

Snippets from the researchers:

More information is needed on the course of the disease.

Are there genetic markers that hinder recovery?

The 1st stage of managing a problem is understanding it.

We need a prospective cohort study, with samples, following treatment and outcome of UK patients.

The programme is on our LDA Conferences page.

Spotlight project

We need help from everyone to achieve everything planned for this project – training events, podcasts, toolkit of resources etc.

The first event – a workshop for GPs – went really well, with an open minded audience anxious to learn more about Lyme disease. More to come through 2019, including an on-line toolkit hosted by the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Read more on the Spotlight Project.

Please consider making a Spotlight Project donation: just click on the thermometer – every ÂŁ5 really does mount up!

How about forwarding a link to your friends? If you are reading this page you probably know how difficult it can be to get a diagnosis of Lyme disease and how difficult it can be for many to get effective treatment.

What we do

We are a charity dealing with Lyme disease throughout the UK. We provide accredited information that you can trust; for the public, patients and health professionals.

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We raise awareness, provide free leaflets and lobby for improved services. See what we have been doing recently. We hold an annual conference. See the LDA conferences page for details of our conferences.