The 8th UK Tick Borne Conference was on Thursday 17th September 2009.

The conference was based at John Foster Hall, University of Leicester.

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Introduction and welcome

Chair of Lyme Disease Action, Mrs Stella Huyshe-Shires

Chair of the conference, Dr Sarah Chissell

Lyme in General Practice

Dr Anne Cruikshank

The Unacceptable Face of Lyme Disease Testing

Dr David Owen

10.45 Discussion of difficulties in diagnosis

Chair, speakers and delegates

Persistence of Borrelia and Features of Chronic Lyme

Dr Judith Miklossy

Discussion of chronic Lyme

Chair, speakers and delegates

The Efficacy of Long Term Treatment

Dr Barbara Vidal-Hollaender

Discussion of long term treatment

Chair, speakers and delegates

Why are we here?

Mrs Stella Huyshe-Shires

What you could do when you don’t know

Mr Mark Fenton, NICE

Discussion of uncertainties in the effects of treatment

Questions and discussion of issues raised throughout the day

Chair, speakers and delegates

Concluding Remarks

Dr Sarah Chissell