NICE Guideline History

The full Guideline was published in April 2018 and can be accessed here. The Guideline includes recommendations on

  • symptoms to consider;
  • tests to use;
  • treatment for children and adults;
  • research needed to resolve uncertainties.

How NICE Guideline came about

LDA first asked for UK guidelines in 2006.

In February 2008 88 MPs signed the following Early Day Motion in Parliament –

That this House acknowledges that Lyme disease, also known as Lyme borreliosis, is a serious and potentially chronic disease which is becoming more widespread across the United Kingdom; notes the growing body of evidence which suggests patients with the disease are frequently subject to misdiagnosis and under-treatment; is concerned that the disease appears to be under-reported and inadequately investigated; and calls upon the Government to put in place a national strategy for reducing the growing toll of ill-health caused by this disease, including the development of clinical guidelines specific to the UK for the use of all medical professionals dealing with patients with this disease.

November 2015 it is announced that The National Clinical Guideline Centre has been commissioned by NICE to develop a clinical guideline on Lyme disease at the request of NHS England.

The NICE history page for this guideline is the place to look for all the official documents created during the course of development including lists of stakeholders, committee members, minutes of meeting, draft and final documents. Also here are the evidence reviews that were used to draw up the guideline.

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NICE process and links

Further information

Guideline commissionedLDA Newsletter explanationStakeholder organisations start registeringSee list of stakeholdersChair of guideline committee appointedDr Saul FaustScoping Workshop to gather feedback on what the guideline should coverFebruary 23rd 2016Publication of draft scope for consultationDeadline 14th April 2016,
DetailsAdvertisement for specialist and lay committee membersDeadline 14th April 2016,
DetailsInterviews and appointment of committee membersSee news item on interviews
News on 2nd round of recruitmentFirst committee meetingSeptember 14th, 15th 2016Final scope published, defining what the guideline will coverSee news item on final scope.Draft clinical questions
Search for evidence in medical literature
Draft guideline
Consultation on draft guidelineSept 25 – Nov 6 2017
See LDA news.Publication of completed guidelinesee LDA news item.