NICE final scope

NICE has published an updated stakeholder list, the the final scope of the Lyme disease guideline and the comments received by NICE on the draft scope – see the NICE Lyme disease page for all documents.

Many stakeholder comments have resulted in changes to the scope, but for various reasons (which are published) many have not. Several comments are being left to the guideline committee to consider as part of the work they will be doing.

If you read the scope consultation comments and responses, you will find that

  • pages 1 – 169 are the comments grouped by stakeholder, so you can see what each stakeholder raised
  • pages 169 onward are grouped by page & line number of the draft scope, which makes it easier to see where several stakeholder groups had similar thoughts.

Comments were made by the following-

  • Caudwell LymeCo
  • Lyme Disease Action
  • Lyme Disease UK
  • Lyme Research UK
  • NHS Highland
  • Royal College of General Practitioners
  • Vector-borne Infection – Research, Analysis, Strategy

Other stakeholders had circulated the draft scope to members and responded that they had no comments.

14 stakeholders have been added to the list which now numbers 102 organisations.