Flyer for RCGP e-learning module

The on-line training module for GPs, originally produced in 2014, with the Royal College of General Practitioners, was updated in May 2018.

This course is available on the RCGP website and attracts 0.5 CPD points. It is not restricted to RCGP members: anyone can access it.

You will be asked to register your name simply so that you can receive the certificate for your CPD points.

As well as stepping through the important points, there is a pre-course questionnaire and a post course questionnaire. This helps to focus the mind on what is being learnt.

To help spread awareness, please consider printing our flyer describing this course and drop it into to any minor injury unit or GP Practice.

You will note that the leaflet (shown left) has pictures of two different versions of the rash – just seeing this should catch a GP’s attention!

Awareness by GPs is really important if we are to get more people diagnosed early when treatment is very successful.