Symptoms & Signs A-Z

The most common symptoms in adults are

  • ‘flu like symptoms of aching, fever, headache
  • fatigue
  • sweating
  • joint pain
  • photophobia (light sensitivity)
  • abnormal skin sensations (tingling, numbness, itching)
  • stiff neck
  • erythema migrans rash.


Facial palsy in children with headache and fever has been shown to predict early Lyme neuroborreliosis during peak Lyme season in endemic areas (April – Oct).[1]

Lyme disease is systemic, it can affect the whole body. The possible symptoms are listed below but note that most people only have a few. These symptoms can all have causes other than Lyme disease. Some symptoms such as headache and fatigue are more common whereas others e.g. heart block and blurred vision occur less frequently.

The links provided currently open the abstract of the relevant paper describing the particular symptom, but a mention of the symptom may only appear in the full text which in some cases is available by subscription only. If you wish to know details, please contact us.


Additional references

1. Nigrovic et al 2008 Clinical predictors of Lyme disease among children with a peripheral facial palsy at an emergency department in a Lyme disease-endemic area. Pediatrics. 2008 Nov;122(5):e1080-5.