Borrelia burgdorferi s. l. and several other pathogenic agents could be introduced directly into the circulation of the body.”

At the 2005 Conference Dr Bela P. Bozsik showed an animation of a blood sucking tick.

Thanks to the Lyme Borreliosis Foundation, Hungary.

Animation by T Kovats.

Further collaborators:

Biometric analysis by M Korom.

Video technique by L Margitay and AP Bozsik.

Software developer: G Szalai.

The complete animation runs for 45 seconds and is available in two sizes.

The animation may be downloaded and freely used for personal and educational purposes. Please credit the Lyme Borreliosis Foundation, Hungary.
Commercial organisations must contact us for permission, before using the animation.

Kullancs01.avi 720 x 576 pixels -16.1MB
Right click to save file.

For the lectures given by Dr Bela Bozsik please go to our 2005 Trancripts page

Video-Microscopy of Borrelia burgdorferi spirochetes created by Dr Bela Bozsik.