NICE guideline – scoping workshop

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Stakeholders from industry, the public, professions and NHS joined the scoping workshop held on Tuesday 23 February in London:

  • 8 people with a patient & public view: 2 from Lyme Disease UK, 2 from Lyme Research UK, 1 from Facial Palsy UK and 2 from Lyme Disease Action.
  • 5 with a laboratory diagnostic view
  • 5 treating consultants (neurology, infectious diseases, paediatrics & microbiology)
  • 2 GPs
  • 1 Department of Health

Scotland has an interest in these guidelines, and it was good to see two from Scotland.

Staff from NICE and the National Clinical Guidelines Centre ran through the process, explained what was going to take place over the next 2 years (see January newsletter for a summary). Saul Faust, who is chair of the guideline committee, ran through the draft scope which included:
1. the population that will be covered (adults & children)
2. the settings that will be covered (all NHS care)
3. the key areas (assessment, diagnosis, management and transmission)
4. the areas that will not be covered (confirmed non-Borrelia diagnosis and confirmed CFS)

We then separated into 3 groups for an hour and a half discussion of the key issues documented in no. 3 above and finished with discussions of what sort of roles should be represented on the committee.

The output of the group discussions will be published on the NICE website and, together with other comments, be used to produce a draft scope which will be published on March 17 for wider consultation.

March 17 is also when recruitment to the committee starts. The committee takes feedback from all the public consultations and makes the ultimate decisions; so it needs to be comprised of people with a genuine interest in Lyme disease. Lay members, bringing a public and patient view, are important. Any individual who works well in a committee, can listen and interact, and who has experienced Lyme disease in themselves or a close relative, is encouraged to apply. If you know any GPs or other health professionals whom you think would be useful, then think of mentioning it to them.

We shall advertise the link to the role description and application page when it is published. Meanwhile, NICE will update this webpage as the project proceeds.

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