October webinar – What are researchers thinking?

Would you like to hear what researchers and doctors were discussing at the recent International Conference on Lyme Borreliosis and Other Tick-Borne Diseases (ICLB 2022)? Join our webinar on October 20th and hear the inside news.

We funded Lucy Delaney, a UK Research Fellow,  to travel to Amsterdam and at this webinar we shall be finding out about some of the talks themselves, and also asking –

  • Are there any major breakthroughs?
  • Has the COVID pandemic changed anything?
  • Were people talking about continuing symptoms after treatment?
  • Is there any news on how we could improve the testing?
  • Were people happy to talk to you? Any useful contacts for the future?
  • Has it helped your own research into UK Lyme disease?

This webinar is via zoom and free to attend.

PostScript – PDFs of the 2 talks have now been added to the website, so if you were unable to join us, or want a reminder, then have a look.

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