2017 LDA Conference

Pre-conference dinner: Friday July 7th
Conference: Saturday July 8th
Venue: Streatham Court, University of Exeter

What do we know & where are the research gaps?

Come and join us for a stimulating day of information, discussion and networking on one of the most delightful campuses in the UK. Some hills mind, if you want to explore, but worth it.

The full programme will be announced when finalised, but will include talks on

  • Borrelia
  • Tick-borne diseases (not just Lyme borreliosis)
  • Impact on pets (not just humans)
  • Research into new tests and diagnostics

Download a PDF of full details of the venue, pricing, accommodation, travel directions, payment methods etc.

Book here via our on-line system.

If you have any queries contact us via the conference team email address.

The Friday night dinner and B&B accommodation is at Holland hall, with fantastic views from the terrace. We shall try to lay on good weather, but no promises.