Letter to Caroline Flint MP

Lyme Disease Action’s Response To The Department Of Health.

We Want Answers To These Questions

Lyme Disease Action’s response to the letter from Caroline Flint MP, minister with responsibility for Public Health, is reproduced here below. Since this document is our first response to the Department of Health’s stated position on Lyme, it
contains many points for which we want answers and it is quite a long document. To try and make it easier for people to read and use as a reference, we have presented it here in two formats.

Format One – The whole document. Department of Health remarks are indented.

This is in PDF,


Format Two – Department of Health remarks are indented and in bold.

(i) The first section of our response.

Followed by our responses to the individual points raised by the ‘Ten Steps to better control of Lyme disease’ leaflet presented as separate pages.

Followed by:

(ii) Closing remarks.


Followed by: Section on references.

To read the document in this manner, just click on ‘Next’ at the bottom of each section.

To remind yourself of the original letter, dated 29th March 2007, go to the Lobby for Lyme index, then to the ‘Ten Steps’ and click on ‘Response’ or go to the Index, go to Government statements and our responses and click on the 4th item called
‘Government response April 2007’

If you would like to send us any feedback about any of the issues raised:

Please send your feedback to mailto:lobby@nulllymediseaseaction.org.uk



The LDA Lobby team.