ME is in the genes not in the mind, say scientists

by Nic Fleming, The Telegraph 21st July 2005.

The article can be found on the Telegraph website see, ME is in the genes not in the mind, say scientists

The LDA issued the following statement about the article.

We are heartened by Dr Jonathan Kerr’s findings of abnormal white blood cell behaviour in ME sufferers (ME is in the genes not in the mind. Daily Telegraph 21/07/2005.) It joins the growing amount of medical research showing ‘clear physical changes’ in fatigue syndrome sufferers.

However, we feel compelled to point out that chronic bacterial infections can also be a causative agent of this debilitating illness and not just viruses as suggested.

There is an increasing number of ME patients who have found that they are suffering from chronic bacterial infections. Borrelia, the bacterium which causes Lyme Borreliosis, is proving to be one of the main culprits in many cases. Many of these people have responded to long-term antibiotic

The article correctly states that ME is recognised as a neurological condition by the World Health Organisation and the vast majority of sufferers concur that it is not of psychosomatic origin. Long -term illness can cause depression but it is not the depression that is causing the illness.
We therefore look forward to the day when all doctors recognise that ME is not a ‘made up’ illness and start to look for the real cause. Only then will effective treatments be found.

Lyme Disease Action Press Office

(Registered charity number 1100448.)

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