Please support Dr Jemsek

Lyme Disease Action is supporting the urgent appeal for patients and others to lend their support to Dr. Joseph Jemsek.

Dr. Jemsek is a well-known LLMD (Lyme-literate MD) and staunch supporter of Lyme and Tick-Borne disease patients. Dr. Jemsek, an infectious disease specialist, who practices in North Carolina, USA has been under
investigation by the North Carolina Medical Board (NCMB). He faces charges relating to his treatment protocols which are in line with the professional opinion of many other LLMDs. If the NCMB find against him, he could lose his license to practice medicine, which would be a very retrograde step for
his many patients.

You can demonstrate your support for Dr. Jemsek by visiting the National Capital Lyme Disease Association’s website and following the links to Dr. Joseph Jemsek (see below for link). There is a rapidly growing petition to sign in support of Dr. Jemsek and we would be glad if as many as
possible of our supporters felt able to sign this petition. We also ask patients, their families, friends, supporters and sympathisers to write in support of Dr. Jemsek.

Again full details are at the link below. Time is getting short, Dr. Jemsek’s lawyer needs all written support to be sent to him by 5th June. Please do whatever you can to support Dr. Jemsek and please do it now!

Thank you.

All at Lyme Disease Action