We support Councillor Thorpe’s call for Action on Lyme Disease

PRESS RELEASE 7 March 2005

We support Councillor Thorpe’s call for Action on Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease Action, the first registered charity to address Lyme disease
issues in the United Kingdom, is fully supportive of the letter that
Councillor David Thorpe of Hinckley, Leicestershire has sent to the Prime
Minister Tony Blair today, 7th March 2005. This letter
highlights the
worrying rise in Lyme disease in the UK – an issue that has already been
raised by patients at constituency and governmental level. We applaud
Councillor Thorpe in his efforts to alert Mr Blair to the reality of the
increased prevalence of this serious disease in the
United Kingdom today.
In our experience Councillor Thorpe’s letter reflects our own observations
that many UK citizens are finding themselves to be victims of the illness
Lyme disease (also known as Lyme borreliosis). Unfortunately, all too often
their devastating illness is ignored
and they are left without treatment
which results in enormous and ongoing suffering. Many Lyme disease victims
are also misdiagnosed as having other illnesses resulting in inappropriate
treatment being given which frequently results in a cruel worsening in their
already compromised
health. This shameful situation must be rectified
without delay.

Stephanie Woodcock

Lyme Disease Action
Registered Charity Number 1100448


David Thorpes letter