Ian has kindly agreed to raise money for Lyme Disease Action by running in this years London marathon. You can find details on how to donate at the bottom of the page.

Midnight, 31st December 1999 – and Big Ben sounded the new Millennium. I made a resolution to run the London Marathon. Call it what you will – a mid-life crisis or a desire to hold back the advancing years maybe; whatever the reason, I committed myself to this challenge.

For four years I was fit and well, but unlucky in the ballot and did not get in. The organisers guarantee a place for entrants who are not selected five years in a row, but fate – or rather a tick intervened. I believe that I was bitten whilst jogging during a business trip to the USA in mid-2004 and suffered a typical array of physical and neurological symptoms, beginning in August of that year.

Like most other sufferers with Lyme disease, I faced the typical issues of negative test results, a lack of knowledge (both mine and medical practitioners) and the struggle with the disease itself. Unusually, my GP was sympathetic and supported me with some medication.

Over the next three years I tried many different treatments from long-term antibiotics, through Traditional Chinese Medicine to crystal healing and careful conservation of energy and mental capability – ensuring that I managed to continue with full-time employment throughout.

The symptoms had largely subsided by mid-2007 and the challenge was resurrected. This time I was successful in the ballot and am now the proud possessor of race number 12201, plus sore legs from frantic training!

It has taken eight years, but April 13th 2008 will be a big day for me. I’d love to make it a big day for Lyme Disease Action too. Please help me make that happen – your sponsorship is hugely appreciated, and will be put to good use by Lyme Disease Action in the important tasks of raising awareness, education and research.

Elsewhere on this site you can read more about Lyme disease and the terrible effects it has on individual lives, and the families/friends of sufferers. I have been twice lucky – my symptoms have not been serious when compared with others, and I have recovered enough to be attempting the Flora London Marathon 2008.

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P.S. if you are a UK taxpayer, and you want your donation to mean more with the Gift Aid scheme (meaning the taxman will add around 28p to every £1 you donate) please email me your full address details, and I’ll make the magic happen!”

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