LDA Comment on British Infection Association Position Statement

In March 2011 the British Infection Association published on-line a Position Statement on Lyme Disease. The full paper appeared in print in the May edition of the BIA’s journal, the Journal of Infection

Lyme Disease Action sought a meeting with the BIA President, Dr Jane Stockley, to discuss what the charity felt were serious shortcomings in the paper.  Following a frank and very useful discussion Dr Stockley requested that LDA put comments in writing so that they could be considered by BIA council members.

LDA’s comments were sent to the BIA in June and have now been released. They can be read on the Resources/Guidelines page on this website, as can the full BIA paper (scroll down to British Infection Association). 

Dr Stockley has said that the BIA values our comments and the Association will publish a follow up editorial on the subject in a future edition of the British Journal of Infection.