Patient’s UK Lyme petition grows

Good luck to UK Lyme patient Denise Longman who is running a petition calling for the steps that patients wish to see in relation to the prevention and treatment of Lyme disease in the UK.  Denise already has more than 800 signatures on her petition which is proceeding both online and in a paper format.  We know that a very similar petition in the Netherlands raised over 71,000 signatures very recently.  Absolutely anyone can catch Lyme disease and this message appears to be getting through to the Dutch public.

Perhaps we in the UK can match that achievement.  You don’t have to be a
patient to sign this petition.  Anyone can sign who feels concern about the current situation regarding Lyme disease in the UK.  The petition addresses both the issues surrounding a general lack of awareness of the disease and issues surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of people who have been unfortunate enough to catch the disease.  All the information on
the petition can be found here

The downloadable form for signatures can be found here:

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