BMJ publishes LDA letter

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) has published a letter from LDA’s Medical Director, Dr Sandra Pearson, and Chairman Stella Huyshe-Shires. This letter was written in response to an article which was intended to provide advice to doctors when a patient presents with a tick bite, rash and concerns about Lyme disease. The original article was useful in raising awareness of Lyme disease (there was a large tick on the front cover of the journal) but LDA felt that it fell short in some of the advice that was offered.

The letter is a shortened version of a rapid response LDA posted on the BMJ website and it is encouraging that the BMJ felt that it was worth including in the print edition.

The title of the letter is the choice of the BMJ and indicates not only the importance of having good information for doctors, but also the increased credibility of LDA. LDA is happy to endorse the title!

The full text of the letter is freely available on line and appeared in the print edition of the BMJ published on July 16th. If on that page you click on the Responses tab, you can see the BIA’s response and LDA’s reply.