LDA poster presentation at NordTick

LDA presented this poster at the NordTick 2016 conference: Lyme Borreliosis – A model for improved diagnosisThe aim was to explain to the conference delegates  (scientists and doctors) that

  • Lyme disease is an emerging disease in the UK
  • Awareness amongst the public is low
  • Awareness amongst doctors is low
  • Many people go undiagnosed and under treated

We describe the current inadequate UK diagnostic pathway with test limitations and the lack of knowledge and time in both laboratory staff and doctors.

We then describe the LDA help desk and how, by putting effort into talking to the patient about their history and then  presenting good information to the doctor, many people obtain a diagnosis and successful treatment.

We discussed this in depth with many people at the conference. The Scandinavian countries have similar problems caused by the limitations of the current tests and the lack of evidence in treatment guidelines. By talking about the UK problems, we were able to get the point home that people all over Europe are being failed and open minds are needed to increase the diagnostic rate and achieve successful treatment.

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