Lyme Neuroborreliosis booklet

LDA has produced a new leaflet on Lyme neuroborreliosis, based on currently available research papers. Aimed principally at health professionals, this addresses the symptoms,  diagnosis and treatment of Lyme neuroborreliosis: Lyme disease affecting the peripheral and central nervous system.

Differences in the presentation in children and elderly patients are discussed as are the range of tests which may be used. Uncertainties are recognised, in particular the lack of trials to inform treatment decisions. Symptomatic treatment and relevant NICE guidelines are included as is a brief look at other conditions that Lyme neuroborreliosis may be mistaken for.

It is hoped that this publication will also help patients and family members to understand the disease and to communicate with their doctors.

This publication is larger than other leaflets and has been produced in booklet form with 12 pages. It is freely available to download: the web based version has been formatted so that it can be printed on  4 sides of A4 paper.