Thanks for the Sky Dive

Lyme Disease Action News – 27th April 2005

Lyme Disease Action wishes to put on record its thanks for the magnificent effort put in by Katrina Anderson in raising the grand total of £3,926.55 for our charity.

Thank you so much Katrina!!

Thanks also, of course, to Reg Anderson who actually did the

… and to Craig and all the other helpers who helped in this amazing effort.

This event happened in August last year, however the sponsorship money came in instalments as Katrina collected it. In drawing together the year end accounts we have a grand overall total and it is the
magnificent sum above. Much of this amount will go towards our conference this year which will help many, many Lymies to discover their ailment has an organic cause and things can be done to treat and alleviate it. One of the most worthwhile causes in the whole world!

Thanks again to all those invovled

Stephanie Woocock
Lyme Disease Action