The death of Alasdair Crockett

Professor commits suicide after catching dementia from tick bite, read the story in the :

Daily Mail 18th September

The Herald 19th September

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Click here for a statement from the family of Dr Alasdair Crockett.

All of us who work on behalf of Lyme Disease Action are deeply shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Dr. Alasdair Crockett. Our deepest sympathy goes to members of his family, most especially his wife and children. What a tragic end to a life so full of promise.

We are only too aware that Lyme disease, also known as Lyme borreliosis, can, in a percentage of cases, develop into a severe neurological illness that can imitate many purely psychiatric symptoms. It is an awful tragedy that Dr Crockett appears to have been a victim of this aspect of the
illness. It is a further tragedy that he seems to have received so little understanding and help from those whose job it is to help people who are the victims of infectious disease. Lyme Disease Action is actively lobbying for the lack of understanding and help for victims of Lyme disease to be
remedied by the agencies of government with the urgency the situation demands.

We do know of many cases who have pulled through these awful symptoms. To anyone out there with mental symptoms caused by the infection – please don’t give up hope.

On behalf of all at Lyme Disease Action

Stephanie Woodcock


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