A dangerous “miracle” solution

LDA has received a warning from the National Food Crime Unit (NFCU) about the dangers of using Sodium Chlorite products in treating Lyme disease.  Products containing Sodium Chlorite are being openly promoted as a treatment (even cure) for Lyme disease.  A simple web-search for Miracle Mineral Solution or Master Mineral Supplement (MMS) and Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) will return numerous ‘YouTube’ clips, and advertisements, promoting so-called “protocols” using these products.

For more than 15 years LDA has consistently championed science-based therapies for, and research into, Lyme disease.  Our volunteer staff, and supporters, have first-hand experience of the disease and, as such, we are only too aware of the temptation to seek help from anywhere when the orthodox medical approach appears to have failed. But however desperate you are, don’t use this, as it could have serious consequences for your health!

The NFCU is a team within the Food Standards Agency responsible for looking at criminal activity within the food industry, including the sale of products online that may be illegal or harmful for human consumption.  Sodium Chlorite is one such, and the sale of sodium chlorite solutions for human consumption is unlawful throughout the UK.  You can read their alert here.

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