Training the first aid trainers

LDA attended a conference for first aid trainers in Dunfermline on March 3rd 2017. This was run by the First Aid Training Cooperative to provide information for trainers in Scotland and the North of England.



We held two workshops and were able to show delegates tubes of ticks (my goodness how small they can be!) and to demonstrate proper tick removal with several possible devices. Trainers were briefed on the early signs of Lyme disease and different presentations of the erythema migrans rash. The trainers took away LDA leaflets and we have had several requests from companies since for bulk quantities to hand out to first aiders on their training courses.

A great many people are now better prepared for the 2017 tick season and this knowledge will be cascaded outwards on a lot of training courses.  It was well worth the effort and time of travelling and attending this event.