Lyme disease conferences come to Cambridge

Two important conferences about Lyme Disease are to take place in Cambridge next month. The first, for health professionals and run by Public Health England (PHE), will be on Friday September 16th.    The PHE conference is suitable for all health professionals who wish to know more about Lyme disease.  

The following day, Saturday 17th, the public can attend a conference run by the charity Lyme Disease Action.  Both events will be at Murray Edwards College.

The conferences will have international and national speakers, and the choice of Cambridge as a venue reflects the city’s high reputation for Science and Medicine and its proximity to areas in Eastern England known to have many reported cases.  Stella Huyshe-Shires, chair of Lyme Disease Action says, “These conferences are an excellent way for medical professionals, patients and public alike to find out more about this emerging disease.” Stella, who will also chair the public conference, goes on, “Our conferences provide ample opportunity to network and chat in a friendly environment.  For victims of Lyme Disease, and their carers, it will also be an opportunity to realise they are not alone.”

Lyme disease is a little known infectious disease transmitted by the bite of an infected tick. Ticks occur all over the UK in sheltered vegetation: river banks, town parks, private gardens, woodland, forest and heath, and the incidence of the disease is increasing. Tick bites are more common in spring to autumn and the disease can start with a spreading rash and ‘flu like symptoms. Early diagnosis and treatment is important to prevent complications involving the heart, joints and nervous system.

Further details of both conferences can be found via the charity’s website where there is a link to booking and to details of the doctors’ conference.

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